Krav Maga Classes in Mumbai

Krav Maga Classes in Mumbai are all about teaching a student the importance of situational combat training, with situational awareness and fitness training combined. This offers a well rounded experience that will enable the urban individual to be better equipped in the face of violence and crime in the city.

Training with Krav Maga Mumbai

  • Basic training teaches a student to correctly warm up and prepare the body for combat and threat response.
  • Students will be taught how to approach and control an opponent utilizing varying levels of force.
  • Learn how to execute strikes with punches, kicks, elbows and knees.
  • Defend against takedowns, chokes, bear hugs, arm bars and various other possible attacks from single and multiple opponents.
  • Training also includes learning to defend against various weapons including knives, bats, guns etc.
  • Drills are practiced so students can experience being attacked by multiple attackers and potential threats.
  • Fitness and endurance training is a part of the regular classes.
  • Situational awareness helps students develop an understanding of the surroundings and potentially threatening circumstances even before an attack occurs.
  • Ways to deal with potentially violent situations, and physical and verbal methods to avoid violence whenever possible.

Welcome to ACF - Choose to Change your Life!

To find out more about our courses, you are requested to call us and speak to Sasmira at 9820496752

  • A VISIT can then be scheduled to the Academy on a Sat or Sun from 8am to 5pm by prior appointment. Depending upon your needs and requirements, we shall advice on tailormaking a program course for you, choosing from various program options. You shall be counseled extensively by our expert counsellors at no fee for either visit or counseling. Photo ID will be required for entry into the Academy for purposes of security.
  • THE FEE will depend upon the time slot, course selected, upon who trains you (Director, Multi Faculty or Instructors) and how many hours program selected by you) Fees are affordable considering the extensive facilities and resulting lifetime of change in personality change and combat dominance.
  • JOINING OPTIONS: Thereafter its upto you to join or not. When your course begins, what time slot is desired and other factors may be resolved subsequently on telephonic discussions with our office.
DETAILS: Further details can be availed by visiting our other websites
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