Learn Women’s Self Defence with Krav Maga, Mumbai

Have you ever wondered about the dangers of being a woman in the metropolitan cities like Mumbai? Just yesterday, a 23-year-old woman was hacked to death in BTM layout, Bangalore on Monday by bike-borne assailants. The woman was killed in full public view at 6:40 pm in the evening barely after sunset. She was attacked by two men, who slashed her neck several times with a machete before speeding away on their bike.

Now you may be thinking “I’ve seen this happen in the movies and read it in the papers, but those things only happen to others.” But the harsh truth is the reality of the world we live in today, where people from all over the country come to the metropolitan cities like Mumbai to make their dreams come true and no one is immune to violence. The price for not being able to protect oneself is too high – you pay with your life or that of your loved ones.

How do women learn self defense techniques that will be effective on the street? How can these techniques be learnt in a short span of time? How can I learn to avoid violence and still protect others from violence? Get your answers to questions like these when you join our Self Defense course for Women. Learn Krav Maga for Self Defense at  Weekend Classes in Mumbai with crash courses for Instructor Certification.

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To find out more about our courses, you are requested to call us and speak to Sasmira at 9820496752

  • A VISIT can then be scheduled to the Academy on a Sat or Sun from 8am to 5pm by prior appointment. Depending upon your needs and requirements, we shall advice on tailormaking a program course for you, choosing from various program options. You shall be counseled extensively by our expert counsellors at no fee for either visit or counseling. Photo ID will be required for entry into the Academy for purposes of security.
  • THE FEE will depend upon the time slot, course selected, upon who trains you (Director, Multi Faculty or Instructors) and how many hours program selected by you) Fees are affordable considering the extensive facilities and resulting lifetime of change in personality change and combat dominance.
  • JOINING OPTIONS: Thereafter its upto you to join or not. When your course begins, what time slot is desired and other factors may be resolved subsequently on telephonic discussions with our office.
DETAILS: Further details can be availed by visiting our other websites
e-MAIL us: info@JKDindia.com OR uccamumbai@gmail.com

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