In Krav Maga Motal Kombat, there are no rigid rules. Since it is a combat art & not a sport, There are no tournaments & competitions. All the skills aim at efficiency in real-life situations.

Principles for Krav Maga Mortal Kombat techniques are:

  • Avoid injury to self
  • Progress from defense to Offense swiftly
  • Utilizing body’s natural reflexes
  • Vital Point Striking to Groin & eye to quickly end the fight
  • Using Anything & everything or any nearby objects available
  • Fighting From Close & from Far away
  • No Traditional Forms, Katas, Rituals or Uniforms or Belts.

Dr. Tanya Khanna (9820496752)
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Faculty made of team of Ex-Military Instructors, Retired Officers, Physicians, Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Doctors, Philosophy teachers, Psychotherapists, Martial artists, Yoga instructors & Nature Therapists.

Flexible timings from 8am – 8pm
Weekend Options – Select Timings by Prior Appointment
National HQ at Andheri West, 4 Bungalows
Personalized Training – One Instructor One Student
Professional Guidance of an entire Team of Experts

We are the one and only one of its kind in India.
Huge Center fully dedicated to Combat and Fitness.
Most Modern State of the Art Equipment.
Supervised Scientific Instruction for all Ages.
Holistic Approach for All Ages and M/F with focus on Fitness, Health, Combat Arts, Stress Management, Philosophy & Fun
Interact with select Students including Doctors, CAs, Engineers, MBAs, College Students, Businessmen and Homemakers.

Courses of 3 months to 3 years
International Certificates.
Instructor Career Courses.
We are a Govt Regd NGO.

Please call our Administrative Officer Dr. Tanya at 9820496752 to discuss your needs. You may visit the academy on Sat/Sun to observe various courses. You will be counseled Free to tailor-make the course to your need. You may then join at any suitable time for the selected course at your convenience.

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To find out more about our courses, you are requested to call us and speak to Sasmira at 9820496752

  • A VISIT can then be scheduled to the Academy on a Sat or Sun from 8am to 5pm by prior appointment. Depending upon your needs and requirements, we shall advice on tailormaking a program course for you, choosing from various program options. You shall be counseled extensively by our expert counsellors at no fee for either visit or counseling. Photo ID will be required for entry into the Academy for purposes of security.
  • THE FEE will depend upon the time slot, course selected, upon who trains you (Director, Multi Faculty or Instructors) and how many hours program selected by you) Fees are affordable considering the extensive facilities and resulting lifetime of change in personality change and combat dominance.
  • JOINING OPTIONS: Thereafter its upto you to join or not. When your course begins, what time slot is desired and other factors may be resolved subsequently on telephonic discussions with our office.
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